Methods for Decluttering Your House

Not everything that "clutters up the place" is clutter. Much of it is useful stuff that's just looking for its place in your house. The methods of organizing your home described below will help you find those places.Keep items where they're used -- This logical method of storage is also a time saver. Plus, it saves … Continue reading Methods for Decluttering Your House

How to Declutter the Living Room in 30 Minutes a Week

This may be the easiest room in the house to declutter because organization is already built in: books go with books, electronics go with electronics, remotes go with remotes, etc. Grab a bin large enough to hold things like magazines and books and then walk around the room putting anything out of place in the … Continue reading How to Declutter the Living Room in 30 Minutes a Week

Tiny bedroom ideas

The most recent room I seen was that tiny. The best way to tackle such rooms is to make use of custom carpentry.   Designs like the one in the pictures are creative ways to maximise space. Pictures taken from pinterest.  I like the idea of a covered closet using the curtains. Once a while, … Continue reading Tiny bedroom ideas


Exploring a mini kitchen 

I recently seen the floor plan of a new condominium. I had a shock seeing the size of the kitchen.  In my opinion, it's tiny and lack the appropriate space for preparation of food. That is why having some adjustments done in the kitchen renovation designs help.  Rotational kitchen counter top like this is a … Continue reading Exploring a mini kitchen 

A short morning decluttering 

My dear ex colleague approached me and requested for a clean up of her home. The target was to clean up her bedroom and the living room area.  Prior to the appointment, pictures were shared and I gave my advice on how many sessions etc.  She was really excited given that she had wanted to … Continue reading A short morning decluttering 

Sing Youth Hub- NGO 

Over the years I had the chance to work on sponsorships with several organizations such as the Food bank, Southeast Community Council, Children's Society, Methodist Student Care and Sing Youth Hub.  Recently I volunteered on a personal basis for a fund raising event for Sing Youth Hub. They have a list of beneficiaries that are … Continue reading Sing Youth Hub- NGO 

What happens when your kids start being organised from young

True story. Me. In our family, since as young as I could recall, we had to be organised at home. And regularly my dad will start his "disposal" day and start clearing stuff.  We grew up taking this as a norm. Which I truly appreciate now. What does this mean for me when I was … Continue reading What happens when your kids start being organised from young

Cholesterol. A new “word” 

I was out at waterway point earlier today and saw Marigold HL's booth. I went over to check it out and the promoters shared that there was a free check for cholesterol level.  I have never thought about how important it is to know and maintain a good health condition of my body until my … Continue reading Cholesterol. A new “word” 

Happy. Healthy. 2 words that are truly important

Happy. Healthy. These 2 words are truly the important things in life.  My 33rd birthday is approaching and as usual I start to reflect on my gains and losses over the past year.   The most recent change I made was to call it a day for a 9-5 job. There were a lot of … Continue reading Happy. Healthy. 2 words that are truly important

Miniso in Toa Payoh- $3 and up 

I was like a child in a candy store when I walked past it earlier today. It was not here just last month when I came by.  I exclaimed to myself "how to not go in?!" They have their niche products. Like I definitely cannot find this lovely neck pillow in Diaso. Nor can I … Continue reading Miniso in Toa Payoh- $3 and up 

You didn’t noticed. You are decluttering daily. 

Another week to go before I'm officially out of the company. A lot of emotions started swelling up. I take pride in my work and feel the salty tears reaching the corner of my eyes couple of times this week.  We declutter all the time. Well most of us. We move away bad thoughts so … Continue reading You didn’t noticed. You are decluttering daily. 

Cleaning Up On A Breezy Day

This is me with Kerene, a lovely kind hearted girl.  We volunteered for a clean up campaign at work which targets the estate's rubbish along paveways.  Positive thinking will be like: " What a great campaign! We can do our part for the environment, exercise at same time, bond with friends and make new friends … Continue reading Cleaning Up On A Breezy Day