Don’t neglect clutter at your front doorway


Clutter free doorway

After a hard day of work, what should be greeting you by your front door should be your wife, kids and your dog. Definitely not a mountain of shoes, unattended pots and maybe even old tiles and dead plants.

If you are nodding your head to the latter scenario, here’s what you can do.

1. Take a plastic carrier / an empty box

2. Go through the shoes you see at the entrance and place those which you decide to throw in the bag/box

3. Go through the rest of the items you see and place those which you want to throw in the bag/ box

4. When these are done, restart the process but this time, whatever that has been left behind is to be placed back to its rightful area. For instance, shoes are to be back in the cabinet.

5. Take a look around when step 4 is done, do a confirmation if you are happy with what you see.

6. Make it a note to always have your shoes back in the cabinet to minimize clutter at your doorway.

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  1. Wow. Fascinating perspective. I enjoyed how you protected this issue….
    A couple things I dont trust but hey… thats a different standpoint.
    I am super-keen to examine your next post. Can you make the next
    one more comprehensive? Thanks 🙂

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