A post on what we do




A few common questions that I face are such as ” What exactly do you do?”, “Are you a cleaning company?”, “Why can’t I clean my house by myself why should I need you?” 

Bear with me as it is going to be a lengthy post.

We focus on organizing and decluttering homes, offices, and retail shops. 

In the process of achieving this, we do rope in home decor advices and storage solutions. 

These could be in form of accompanying you to purchase the home decor items, or provide suggestions for places where we find suitable for you and may recommend customized cabinet storage so that your mess can be properly restored. Of course you may opt to purchase ready made furnitures.

However, from our experiences it is more viable and effective to do customized storages due to primarily lack of space. It is not easy finding the right piece of furniture/ storage boxes that can blend the whole design concept with your existing ones since we aren’t doing a renovation here.

During the course of assessment, if you are keen to do a renovation instead, we work with a reliable firm whom we will recommend to you and you get preferred rates from being part of Declutter customers. 

Why can’t you do it yourself? The answer is simple. If you were able to, your home will be spick and span isn’t it? 

A cleaning company cleans your home but does not organizes it. Your domestic helper cleans your home and many other tasks and have no available capacity to organize your stuff. 

Why did I started this service?

Weird as it sounds, I really do love seeing things neat and proper. I am known to have ” a little” of OCD. I love what I do thus this company was formed. 

Hope this post explains what The Declutter Company is all about. 

If you like to try us out for a 3 hour session to see the difference we can bring you, contact us. We should be able to clear up small sections such as your desk and kids room depending on the clutter. 

Have a great Thursday everyone. 


Project Manager,

Christine Tan

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