Christmas List

Christmas is near. I like to share a simple list of things you could take note of to end the Xmas well.

1. Recycle– Are there any gifts that you have received this year which you could probably use IN your OWN home? If not, anyone whom you know may need it? As long as it has not been used, I dont see why it can’t account for a nice christmas gift.

2. Donate– New things come in, old things get out. Since it is the time of the year where you will receive lots of gifts, why not take this chance to do a spring cleaning and donate all useable items to the needy for them to spend a warm and cozy festive season too? Instead of going direct to the big salvation companies, ask around your neighbourhood and hand it directly to the family who needs it.

3. Cherish– ipads and iphones arent going to compensate for the warmth you are going to get from receiving a hand made gift. Why not take some time to show you cherish the ones you love by doing some DIY instead of purchasing the latest tech gadgets? These gifts are always conversation starters for guest and last way longer.

4. Invite– Singles are usually forgotten in periods of festive seasons. Inviting a single mother and her kid, a family whom you know has no means to celebrate and have a feast, or a friend who has no family around to enjoy this day could mean alot.

Spread the love.

Merry Xmas
Merry Xmas

I hope you enjoyed my list.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Signed off with love

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