My latest organizing project journey

This is a late late late post update of a walk through of my latest organizing project. Apologies readers!!

Christmas and new year is near and calls for a celebration to mark the end of a good year and a fantastic horse year awaits us.

So back to my latest project. It lasted for around 2 weeks. I was engaged to perform reorganizing of a secretary’s workflow.

My main objective was to improve the efficiency, effectiveness of her workflow and to organize/ reorganize her physical work desk and computer files.

It is a first for me. But I was well prepared. Following the simple, standard steps of organizing, below is a summary of how I tackled the project.



Step 1: Work Flow. Do a run through of the daily work flow. Next, weekly and then monthly.

Step 2: Observation. The object as well as the office culture and boss’s habits.

Step 3: Understand. Gather feedback, woes, concerns from object.

Step 4: Walk through. Walk through the observations and feedback with the boss and establish end goals and objectives.

Step 5: Execution. Time line has been planned. Walk through the execution plan with the object. Adhere to the time line

Step 6: Update: Provide periodic updates to the boss on project progress.

Step 7: Trial run: Perform a trial run with the object on the new organized process flow and work flow and adjust any gaps.

Step 8: Final recommendations: Final run through, recommendations and update to the boss. Signing off closure of the project.


P.S. I was not allowed to take pictures of the office and thus am unable to provide the before and after of my work.


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