Are you a pet owner?

Petlovers Magazine May 2014 Edition
Petlovers Magazine May 2014 Edition

Pet Lovers Centre with its many branches, is well known amongst pet owners.

I had the opportunity to contribute to an article for their magazine known as Petlovers Magazine.
Published in the May edition 2014, this issue is special because….. it also features Cesar Millan!

Our featured article shares how pet owners can make use of organizing tips from The Declutter Professionals aka TDP to improve spaces and clutter.

I have had my share of owning different furkids, from rabbits to hamsters to chicks to several dogs. Keeping the home clutter free or at least neat was something that requires some special handling.

Most recently, our beloved Angel peacefully passed away in his sleep.
Writing the article reminded me of him, but in a good way. Fond memories of how he playfully caused us distress doing stuff such as scratching the corners of our coffee table made me smile.

Hope you enjoyed my tips and advice in this special issue.

To get a one time promotion rate for pet owners, quote Petlovers Magazine at point of contact.

With love,


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