What’s your lifestyle?

My recent lifestyle as a working mum evolve around organic food, early bedtime, and watching child suitable programmes on television.

While there are times I cringed at the little time I have to myself, I thank my son for the better change in lifestyle. Every can of food that goes through my hand now has its expiry date examined. Salt-less food are now part of our diet. A bed time of 10.00PM is normal, if not late. Programmes that spur violence or inappropriate behaviors are switched to child appropriate channels.

As a declutter organizer, I have my discipline around things at home. With the entrance of my son, it made perspectives more holistic when our lifestyles are disciplined.

Nowadays, while giving advices, I remind myself to engage lifestyle questions which leads clients to think about how it can help them achieve certain long term objectives. 

I had the privilege to contribute, for the 1st time, to the May issue of Zan- a lifestyle magazine by NTUC link.
TDP shared tips on revamping your wardrobe and suppliers you can approach.

Thought about revamping your lifestyle for the better?

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