Bathroom quick fix

My friend was down with flu earlier this week. During my visit, I initiated to clean up the house for her. She asked for help in the living room. Seeing the condition of the bathroom, I dived in as usual. Set a goal of 15mins. This was based on the size of the bathroom which is around 1650mm*1800mm. Here is the process of how I achieved a basic clean.

1. Pick up any items on the ground and put it aside. ( Detergents, toys etc)

2. Start with scrubbing the floor. ( Please remove the residue at the trap area)

3. Move on to the toilet bowl and sink. Make a note to ensure all stains are scrubbed away. Clean the mirror too.

4. Catch up on the tiles near the shower area and the sink area. These tiles are subjected to stains.

5. Clean up the shower area.

6. If you have additional time, clean the window area.

Work with a plan and a time set. See the difference.


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