What should you store in an HDB flat’s storeroom/bomb shelter turned storeroom?


I have seen quite a few storerooms over the past few weeks for assessment.

How ever small the space may be, there are always options available and of course, some adjustments by the owners.

A few areas that I usually find its worth to start with:-

1. Metal racks ( to have all the items in the storeroom placed neatly)
2. Large size luggages ( most of us own one piece at least and it should go here unless you are able to fit it into your customized wardrobe)
3. Sports equipment ( Rackets, weights, odd size equipments, yoga mat. There is another solution to this, if you are planning to customize your shoe cabinet, you could get the designer to utilize a part of the space to store your sports category)
4. Large size vacuum cleaner ( I dont know how many of us have this still. I am using a handheld and the robot vacuum cleaners are invading earth. But for the benefit of those, yeah, it should be here after use)
5. Extra chairs and tables ( straightforward. Dont have it lying against your living room walls or the service yard, make space for it here)
6. Mahjong table ( straightforward, same as point 5)
7. Tool box, equipments, ladder ( you need to have these properly grouped together and find space for them here)

Once these are prioritized, working with the rest of the balance space will be clearer.


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  1. Ginger says:

    Can I also store a mini freezer in the hdb bomb shelter? My shelter comes with electrical point. I’m concerned with the lack if ventilation though.

    1. Hi Ginger,

      In my opinion, storing a mini size freezer should do fine. There is a ventilation section in the bomb shelter. Just make sure it is not covered up.

      Hope this helps. Will be excited to see how your space works out for you after adding the mini freezer. Catch up soon.


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