Self Storage Units and what to look out for

Its been a while readers. Thank you for your support and I am glad that home organizing and decluttering services are beginning to gain further awareness in Singapore.

Given some luggage packing tips and advice in the Zan magazine for Majority Media.

Luggage Packing Tips and Advice
Luggage Packing Tips and Advice

Taken some home organizing projects.

And this post is about self storage units and what you as a consumer should watch out for.

Working within your homes first is the start of improving living conditions. Having an extended storage arm externally will come in the second phase. Planning your living, breathable space with re-organizing and self storage in mind.

Self Storage Vendors have been picking on the increasing demand of consumers and there are now many boutique vendors offering such facilities.

As a consumer, what should you be watching out for? I have listed down a few key points.

1. Purpose of using self storage

2. Short term or long term solution

3. Planned items to go in the self storage and what size is required

4. Cost of this size required

5. Choosing the right vendor

Get yourself started by asking yourself, why do you require a self storage space. It would be feasible to have your lego collections and car models nicely placed in a self storage unit where you can free up your living space? You could have sentimental items that really don’t fit into your newly renovated home and you will like to keep these? You foresee you require the additional space because you are having a baby on the way and its best to make space first?

Having determined the purpose, you would be able to define the period of storage. A short term storage could mean 1 to 3 months of storage to ease off immediate space issues while you carry out your other plans. Or you could be awaiting your new and bigger home, and require the temporary storage. A long term storage is generally 6 months and beyond where you store items that are likely to be better off in the storage unit. You might be planning to have a second baby in 3 years time, and the toys, clothing and related items could be stored here.

Since you know what items have been decided to be stored, figuring out an estimated size is necessary. You will be required to give an estimated size while requesting for quotes from the Self Storage Vendors. ( in sq ft). If you are unsure, you could provide estimated no of boxes, and the list of bulky items that are planned to be stored. Or you can make an appointment to view the units. Its usually a non obligatory viewing.

With the suggested size, the vendor can provide a quote that is closest to your actual cost.

How to choose the right vendor? A simple way will be to head down to the facility, observe the operations, check the period of business, ask questions about the insurance coverage and termination or renewal clauses and terms and conditions.

Hope this article helps as always. Feel free to leave comments for me if you need help.
With love,


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