Storage Containers I Adore ( Singapore)

There are a few basic storage containers which I simply adore. From the living to the kitchen and to the bedroom, here are some storage containers I cant do without in the kitchen. Or rather…. it’s best to live with.


Picture 1

Condiment containers ( in sets of 3 always)


I have more. I’m obsessed with storage containers. Especially finding good looking ones that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. These were found in a… Surprisingly normal household provision store along Ang Mo Kio central. Ok well I was desperate. So I popped into the store. I didn’t want to settle for the ugly ones.

Going for $3.20 each as compared to uglier ones which can be found anywhere else at $1.50 onwards, I went with my final choice. $3.20.

Picture 2

Magnetic hooks (so useful and space saving)


I house 2 fridges. So I was ecstatic when I knew such normal but useful inventions existed. I saved space, freed up counter space and improved visual.

Stumbled upon these magnetic hooks when I was browsing for child drawer locks. You know that moment when you are finished with your chores and you have nowhere to hang your kitchen towel? Now you have just the place for it. Buy 3. 3 is the magic number for nice visual display.

For the container, I bought it from Diaso. The flowers were picked at the art and craft section. I just didn’t want it to look boring. One packet had 3 different colors of flowers. Can I emphasize again about how value for money ($2) it is?

Picture 3

Bread storage ( to look neat and tidy)


Most of us place bread and biscuits on our dining tables. Have you always thought that it feels messy visually but you don’t have a clue on where else to place it? The key here is “shape”.

Having a fix shape container rather than items on its own brings about a conform look. See how it looks neat instantly when placed in a clear container?

To finish the look, I bought a Japanese table mat. No guesses from where. Simple, cheap and easy way to lift up the visual look on your dining table.

So there you have it. 3 of my favorite. Will post another on the bedroom.

P.s. Feel free to drop me a mail for any storage advice.

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