What can you do for your bedroom to minimize the mess?

It’s tough always when you wish how your bedroom could be tidier looking and then you give up on trying and plop onto the bed, forgetting about what you initially set out to do.

1. Try Not putting too many things on your Dresser. It’s hard to clean and always not easy on the eyes. Have a holder to store a few key items and leave the rest in drawers. This is very important and that is also why it’s first on my list.

2. If you must have a chair, try having a Bench that is used as a storage beneath it and store cardigans in it. Don’t drape your cardigans and anything else over the chair. Remember, you want to have a neat look. Less is more.

3. Clothes that don’t fit into the Closet or drawers mean they should go or something else in the closet should go. I love my clothes. I won’t say less is more. But It’s good reasons to say I need to shop after I remove some clothes to make space ain’t it?

4. Now the largest furniture in your room. Your bed. Keep your BedSheets designs simple. Having simple designs or solid colors sheets helps visually. Oh, and let’s not forget what’s on the bed. Less is more.

5. Hanging clothes at the back of your door is common. A few is fine. Just not to have 10 items hanging and when it means you can’t see where your door is. Less is…… You get it right?

These should help achieve the tidy look. Share some pictures if you succeed.

Me on a cleaning moment at 11pm local time

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