How Do You Best Use Space Under Your Bed

I prefer having space under beds. I’m not a fan of storage beds. Because I cannot see how much dust is accumulated deep down there.

So for me, space yes. But not utilized. I don’t put stuff underneath it. For those who have to, here is my personal advice.

Point 1. If you must have things under the bed, have it covered/ with lids. And use clear boxes so you can see what is in it. Or purchase built in drawers like these from Ikea. Dust however will set in time to time so cleaning is a must.

Storage Bed Ikea

Image from Ikea. Storage Bed. White frames are limited in Singapore for affordable prices. Ikea carries a range of these white frame beds.

Point 2. Buy boxes that come with wheels. So that it’s easy for you to clean when you do. You do clean the space underneath your bed regularly right?

Point 3. You may consider having luggages placed on its back here. Usually works well for at least 2 luggages. Cover them with non cloth covers. Cloth covers help to attract the dust and does such a good job trapping a whole lot of them.

Point 4. The idea is to best use the space, not to best maximize the space. So you don’t have to think of ways to fill it up.

Bed without storage Ikea

Image from Ikea. Bed without storage. My preferred bed frame. I prefer this light pine wood color which again is not easily available in Singapore unless you are talking about designer furniture which a bed frame like this can easily cost you $2000 and up.

Point 5. My final. New shoes. It is common to place it under your bed. To hide away your guilt or away from the eyes of your prying husband. Another common result. One tends to forget what shoes were “hidden” there. It’s best advised to place it in the shoe cabinet.




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