What is Valet Storage and what it offers?

Valet Storage is the new term for storage companies that provide storage in boxes. By now, most of us would be familiar with Self Storage and how it works. You may refer to my earlier post on Self Storage for reference.

What is this new valet storage that is entering the storage industry? Note, I prefer to term it under the storage industry but not the self storage industry.

Simply because, there is no self service access to it. However, here are a list of things that you would enjoy from a Valet Storage firm. So for users, one more option available in the market.

Here are what I have derived from a new firm- Spaceship Singapore. They offer:

Spaceship Transport Team
Spaceship Transport Team
Spaceship boxes
Spaceship boxes

1. Free transportation of 1st time boxes to your homes and picking it up within a specific number of days. In this case- 14 days.

2. Once it is packed, the transport team will label it, seal it up and finally transport it back into their secured warehouse for storage. Insurance included.

3. These water and dust resistant boxes can be monitored by customers via their online platform. For you who might want to retrieve items from the storage or to terminate the service once your needs are fulfilled, the online system is ready to attend to your request.

4. Bulky items are welcome in Spaceship and you may request for a quote on special items such as golf bags etc.

Users are charged by the number of boxes they occupy and on a monthly usage. It is pretty transparent and straightforward to understand their payment scheme.

So what are the evident benefits of using Valet Storage?

Spaceship boxes
Spaceship boxes

– For one, they are ready to accept any size of storage. It could be one box, one bicycle, one TV etc. This would mean significant cost savings for small users.

– Two, as it goes by monthly charge, it suits some users who prefer to have the cash flow and flexibility in terms of the storage period.

– Three, for those who do not know how to pack, the box serves as a tool to to aid users to make use of the conform space to pack their items.

– Four, convenience. Without stepping out of your home, you get to relieve your space in the most convenient process possible.

Here is a quick pricing table guide to answer your curiosity on what you would be paying.

  • Standard Box – 60cm x 40cm x 34cm – $12/month
  • Wardrobe Box – 50cm x 50cm x 109cm – $18/month
  • File Box – 44cm x 35cm x 38cm – $6/month
  • Bicycle, Luggage, Sports Equipment, Light Furniture – $12/month

    Spaceship is extending a promo to declutter readers.

For new sign ups, you will enjoy 2 boxes ( FREE) for a 3 months period that is worth $72. The promo code is: DECLUTTER

Of course, you can also choose to get Declutter Professionals in to pack your stuff into those boxes. We are offering a 2hr service at $80. The promo code for this is: APR80

For more info on Spaceship, you may visit spaceship.com.sg.



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