Storing Small Electronics the Easy Way

Still keeping the first hp you had in your teens? Or your first pager? I keep one of my fav phones-Sony Ericsson, damaged by the way, but it served me well and I had to keep it.

How can you store small electronics in a easy and fuss free way?

You will need 1) Zip lock bags 2) Labels 3) Mid size containers

Zip lock bags in various sizes
Zip lock bags in various sizes


These zip lock bags are so useful around the house. I use it frequently for storing jewellery, food and even electronic items.

First, tie the wiring properly using rubber bands/cable ties if you prefer, and then fit it into a suitable size zip lock bag.

Follow through by labelling the zip lock bag in a way that is instantly recognizable for instance: Samsung Note 4 Car Charger.


Colourful containers by Citylife
Colourful containers by Citylife


Continue by choosing one of these colorful containers which are from Citylife by the way. They sell the most colorful range of containers.

Finally, have another label at the exterior of the container by categorizing it according to phones/chargers/music pods/home appliances cables etc.

Easy and effective way of storing small electronics and cables.


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