Furnishing Your New Home ( Phrase 1)

I have purchased my first very own nest and the exciting process of planning how to furnish the home starts.
Keys to possession is not for another 4 months at least but I would say, giving yourself a 3 to 6 months to figure out what you need, what you want and where to purchase items for your home will be good.

As a first time soon to be home owner, what runs through my mind was cost of furnishing my home. Would I be able to save more getting ready made items at the retail outlets or having it custom made may be a more durable and effective option?

Items which are only doable by the specialists on my list are:

A) Electrical wiring of apartment

B) Window Grilles

C) Air conditioning

D) Plumbing

E) Ceiling works

Currently, Items which I am debating towards ready made or custom made are:

A) Kitchen Cabinets ( Ready made = the ones from Ikea)

B) Bed Frames, Wardrobes,

C) Dining table, TV Console, Shoe Cabinets,

D) Curtains

 I saw a bed frame that I really like, but the price tag on it made me ponder if a custom made one will be cheaper. The bed frame is retailing at $1, 599 and is on sale. Comes with the 2 side tables as seen in picture.

Photo Credit: Item is listed on Castlery.com for sale
Photo Credit: Item is listed on Castlery.com for sale

Points to take into consideration are definitely cost, designs, and space maximization. I require lots of space maximization as the apartment is a little less than 70 square metres.

Having a top priority in mind will help when deciding how to plan for your home furnishing.

So now, it is the time for consolidating my list and getting the pricing from the sources.

Next up phrase 2 I will be sharing the cost comparison.

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