Open walk in wardrobe 

The wardrobe topic that gets almost every girl screaming. 

If you are lucky and have space in your new nest like mine, you will start exploring the available pole system providers around and compare costs between built in wardrobe. 

I chose the pole system with no doors in the end. Didn’t regret it. But of course there are the drawbacks and pros. 


  1. Dust. I foresee this and for open shelves, I have the clothings in cloth boxes. The rest are in plastic boxes. Works well. Cleaning is easy.
  2. Making it look tidy. Which means hangers have to be uniformed. I’m referring to the length of the hangers. 
  3. Pricing wise it may be pricier than built in closets. Especially if you add in the doors. 


  1. Love the part where I can see most of my clothes now that it’s hung up and not squashed and folded. So it does saves time for me too.
  2. Visually the door-less closet makes the bedroom looks larger. Which is a plus point. 
  3. My son loves the new wardrobe because he can reach for his clothes easily. ( I’m sharing closet with him currently) 
  4. The pole system can be removed and relocated when you shift. 

Here is my walk in wardrobe. In black. 

When I first moved in. 

This after a few months of settling in. 

My son’s section

See the bottom area I love, because I can vacuum easily. He loves it too because he is at an age now where he wants to choose what to wear. (Including wearing pyjamas out) 


I left the side side empty intentionally. Still exploring what’s the best way to coordinate my clothings. 



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