Mobile Kitchen Carts 

My dear sis recently became a mother and the usual nesting instinct set in. She was considering the mobile kitchen cart from Ikea to put her baby’s daily items and I shoke my head in disapproval. 

I’m quite an Ikea fan however I didn’t find the cart was going to have multi use should she not need it in future. The one from Ikea had a less desirable height per shelf. 

I found some other types of cart on overstock which I would recommend. I wanted the cart to be able to have another purpose. 

In this case, the ones I chose will fit as a mini book shelf, a mini shoe rack or even a side table. 

These pictures were all taken from which ships to Spore. 

My personal choice. 

The 2nd and 3rd will fit nicely in a corner as book shelf or shoe rack. The 1st seems ideal for side table or coffee table. The last one will be for storage of toys. 



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