Built In Storage ( Carpentry)

During a planning for renovation you might have the tussle between to customise or buy off the shelf. This area of mine had a very awkward pillar and it didn’t serve much purpose. So selecting the built in cupboard was a better choice. 

More often than not, the built in helps increase storage capacity, more so when it’s maximized all the way to the ceiling. You don’t even have to clean the top since there is no exposed area. 

What you are seeing is the side of a matured 3 room flat layout. In replacement now it has a storage cupboard.  

I didn’t discuss number of shelving with the designer and probably that hinders a little for some of the larger items. Other than it is is still my desired storage area. 

The original storeroom was hacked to accommodate my wardrobe so this is the main storage area. 

I have the few boxes I need to keep at the top. Because I don’t have to access those. The household items in the middle. Some of the kid’s toys are here temporarily. Batteries are here too. Bottom I have my boy’s past artworks which I have not sorted out and put in folders. And bedsheets. Last shelf is where the spare paper bags are kept. Still working on it overall. 

I am also using the cardboard boxes I am retailing. They come in handy for small items and look pretty. Can you spot them in the picture? 

Keeping this area neat and tidy requires 2 rules. “less is more”. I only store necessary items. The boxes will eventually be thrown away once the warranty goes off. 

2nd rule- “put things back”. If I took a pen I placed it back if my boy took some toys he has to place it back. Simple habits which go a long way. 



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