Protecting Your Items In Self-Storage

If you had taken the plunge to start decluttering and storing some of the items away in self storage, the anxiety of not knowing if your items are in good hands is understandable. 

As storers, you are responsible for the condition of your own items. Owners usually do not guarantee the condition of your items as they have no control over the conditions they were in before they were stored. 

Books should be stored in containers with covers. For some who store in normal units with no air conditioning, carton boxes may not be a good idea. 

Cardboard boxes absorb moisture so especially if you place these on the ground, it may end up causing damage to your books. 

Citylife sells great containers at Sgd$12.90 the last I saw. 

Mattresses and leather items should be wrapped up and covered with protectors. 

Have you considered alleviating items off the ground? This is an advice I usually give. Insurance generally covers only fire and theft in this context. So if a storer spills something right outside your unit, would your items be damaged by the spillage? To combat this, some options are use of pallets or plywood. 

Picture from Wikipedia

How about moisture? You need to dehumifie the unit if it’s air conditioned. So products like Hippo or silica gel will probably work well for you. And you should really invest in them. 
There is a tip for choosing storage units. If you have heavy items which are likely to lean against the walls, try asking for a unit that has the actual wall on one side. 

In Singapore, storage units are mostly converted from warehouses so likely there are some available units against the solid walls. 

You can be at ease knowing your items won’t fall because of your neighboring storer. 

Many a times, heavy boxes are stacked up too high. Gravity acts and the boxes can crumple and tip towards the storage door causing damage to your own items and the unit. 

To protect your items, consider using shelving. It may take up a little more space but it can even out the weight and you can at times, sell it to new storers when you leave. 

Lastly, you can use hooks to secure smaller paintings. While drilling is not allowed, stick on hooks are life savers and it saves you space AND best of all, protects your items by lifting it off the ground. 

I believe 3M hooks are still first choice. It does not leave the residue behind after you remove it. 

If you need any advice on self storage, drop me a comment. 



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