$2 Storage Items At Ang Mo Kio Central

So you know if you are or used to be an amk kia, the building beside Macdonalds used to offer bowling and billard? And then it was converted to KTV and popular bookstore. And then to Shop & Save. 

Currently, the latest company occupying the 2nd floor is a Japanese retail shop known as Tokutokuya. Which my friend shared with me today. So glad she told me.

We explored it this afternoon. 

The attraction? The price. $2. Well most of the items anyway. Think Diaso plus Japan Home. And in Amk. Cool yeah. 

I shopped through the place and took some pictures until I was informed no photo taking.  Oopsy. 

Paper cups. Too pretty to use man. I could not find a use for it yet so I constrained myself from purchasing it. But seriously these are perfect for an “instagram” party. 

Baskets. My favourite and especially when you know it’s  $2. Definitely a steal. Go for the large ones. The designs are modern and I love it. 

Paper, plastic and recycled bags. Why do everything have to be picture perfect pretty! I probably may end up buying the whole shop had it not been the fact I was on public transport today. 

My beloved category. Files. Many many. Different different. Designs designs. Does this emphasise the variety? 

Storage. These designs are highly popular recently. Think French. Think pizza.

Jars. Useful for many kitchen items. 

Towels. In 4 rows. When everything is super attractive you marvel at everything like you have never seen a towel in your life. 

If you are organizing your home, you know where to shop.

Visit them if you are in AMK and share what you bought. 



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