Small Party Food With Young Kids

I had a mini house warming party last weekend and was thinking over what food I should prepare for the guests with young kids. 

It had to be easy to manage and suitable for all ages. And also easy to clean 😉 After scanning through the catering sites and forums I found Super Dario Lasagne, a restaurant that specialises in lasagne. 

The website is simple to use and understand. I gave a call and a man with a strong foreign accent answered my queries promptly. The tray portion is said to be fit for 6 guests. For smaller eaters, probably 8 guests. 

I went with the (1) Chicken Spinach known as Luigi Plus and (2) Turkey mushroom known as Brick on their menu. So 2 trays in all. For a group of 6 adults and 4 kids. 

It’s a bit much but I didn’t want to be stranded with inadequate food for the folks.

The delivery schedule can be prebooked in advance which is very useful for forward planning. I booked 4 days before. 

Other delivery platforms may only allow same day booking which will deter people like me who likes everything confirmed prior. 

The delivery time window is based on every 30 minutes and it is wonderful. Food arrived piping hot and courier was friendly. Often, the delivery part can kill the entire experience. 

I forgot to take a picture of the before!! 

To add to the menu I made some ABC soup and gave it a twist of my own. The potatoes were replaced with white radish and corns were introduced into the pot. I didn’t want the soup to be too filling and over shined the main course. 

Kids love chips. I went with A Bag Of Chips (original) that I found in NTUC, Ang Mo Kio Hub, and it was the perfect choice. 

Even the adults loved it. You can dip it into the soup or eat with the lasagne. A hit I must say. 

Warning. I do not have instagram worthy pictures for this round.  Here are some pictures I have. 

A random picture of the kids having so much fun. And me in the background…. having the urge to pack. No. Of course not. How can I spoil the fun. Haha. And it’s a wrap. 

Total fun: 5 stars

Super Dario Lasagne: 4.5 stars ( Prefer a bit more pasta)

A Bag Of Chips (Original): 4.5 stars (the chips lose its crispness after a short while if left in the open). 

Soup: 5 stars ( so thick skin me) 


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