Sofa Cushion Cover

Ta da. Finally purchased one from q0010 Singapore. It took 3 months 3 days 3 hrs 3 seconds to decide.  Haha. So exaggerating. Basically I didn’t want to settle for anything anyhow as usual. I decided to go ahead with this. 

The cost is about $20+ and boy, the quality is good. It seemed to have come straight from Korea. And the seller even added in a face mask free for me :0 so sweet. We all get a kick out of receiving gifts so yeah this is a great move. 

On the other side of the fabric, it is sewed with a non slippery material so that it stays in place even if your butt moves. Excellent! 

Sofa cushion covers are practical and you can always change a theme every now and then. Instead of a boring sofa everyday you can now spruce it up with accessories. 

And of course this is washable. Loving it. 



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