How To Start Organizing Your Computer Files 

Are you someone that creates folders on your desktop so that the computer screen is neat and tidy? 

Or are you someone whose computer screen has a zillion files and yet you can still locate what you want without taking a decade to find it? 

Different methods may work for different folks. However I am for the theory that a systematic organizing approach allows a systematic time management. 

For instance I am going to bet that the colleague that has a messy table but knows where her things are probably may not fare so well in terms of execution of a project. 

A mother who shared with me about how her daughter didn’t know how to organize and pack her room also had bad time management. 

Being organised does not take much effort. It is the same concept as being disciplined. Having a consistent act. 

For a start, attempt to do these. 

  • Clear all unnecessary files on your desktop
  • Categorise them to a few main folders and make sure it is named appropriately. You don’t want to name a folder that you probably can’t even remember what you have in it. 
  • Clear your desktop trash bin ( you clear your home’s trash bin too) 
  • Start having a habit to keep new files in the relevant folders. 
  • Repeat the same for your files in other drives. 

Keeping your folders simple to understand

If you are up to it. Next, attempt these. 

  • Naming your files is important. Start renaming files you have and see if you can apply a similar naming convention. An example will be your resume. If you last updated it in Aug 2016, name it for example jeunesse resume Aug 16. It’s an instant recognition and saves time searching for the right file. 

    Develop a habit out of organizing your desktop items. You won’t regret it. 


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