You didn’t noticed. You are decluttering daily. 

Another week to go before I’m officially out of the company. A lot of emotions started swelling up. I take pride in my work and feel the salty tears reaching the corner of my eyes couple of times this week. 

We declutter all the time. Well most of us. We move away bad thoughts so that we can make room for more happiness. 

For instance in a work environment you probably say to yourself “hey, it’s not a big deal after all. Just forget about it and let it go”. Or you may say “I was over reacting. Chill and smile and let it go”. 

I know of a couple of people who take things a little too hard. The results are that you are likely to feel upset often and will find feedback hard to digest. 

If you start to realise that you are being negative, turn it around by letting go bad thoughts.  Sometimes it’s all just a misunderstanding.

Here’s some pictures of my farewell with colleagues. 

Going to miss them. 



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