Miniso in Toa Payoh- $3 and up 

I was like a child in a candy store when I walked past it earlier today. It was not here just last month when I came by. 

I exclaimed to myself “how to not go in?!” They have their niche products. Like I definitely cannot find this lovely neck pillow in Diaso. Nor can I find this adorable contact lense case. 

Best part of the shopping was when I was about to pay for my purchases, $3 off the minimum $18 bill!! 

Happy happy me. It started today. Lucky me! I found the details on their Facebook page after that. 

So my total items of

1) Kids toothbrush set of 3 @$3.00

2) Travel neck pillow @$8.90

3) Contact lense case @$3.90 

4) Ladies seamless underwear @$4.90

Before discount =$20.70

After discount of $3 =$17.70 

Average price per item =$4.40 

The neck pillow’s case is washable. Plus point! The seamless underwear turned out to be good quality.  Add one more point. The toothbrushes are nice and soft. +1. The contact lense case came with pickers and a fixed mirror. ++++++ points.  

Remember 24th-30th September to enjoy  $3 off the bill with a minimum $18 purchase.



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