What happens when your kids start being organised from young

True story. Me. In our family, since as young as I could recall, we had to be organised at home. And regularly my dad will start his “disposal” day and start clearing stuff. 

We grew up taking this as a norm. Which I truly appreciate now. What does this mean for me when I was a kid? 

It taught me to be always putting things back it was taken from. It made me declutter regularly. It taught me to be good at time management. 

These 2 seem to go hand in hand together. Being organised and being able to have good time management.  

Because of this habit, I was able to meet school projects, plan my study time, and stay punctual for appointments. In the working world I too was able to handle projects within timeliness, being able to focus on priority and organize the details efficiently.

So if you ask me, what happens if your kids learn to be organised from young, the benefits are desirable. 



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