Sing Youth Hub- NGO 


Over the years I had the chance to work on sponsorships with several organizations such as the Food bank, Southeast Community Council, Children’s Society, Methodist Student Care and Sing Youth Hub. 

Recently I volunteered on a personal basis for a fund raising event for Sing Youth Hub. They have a list of beneficiaries that are receiving support from these fund raising events. 

I observed how much preparation work goes into preparing the 2 days event. The logistics part of stock movement, cart, volunteer list, shopping mall management, posters, awareness and plenty more make me appreciate my volunteer time.  

Sing Youth Hub Push Cart Oct 1st and 2nd

See the items on the cart? They were painstakingly placed before the start of the roadshow. I was given the coloring area to manage. Kids could purchase a coloring balloon from $3 and start coloring on the spot.  

If you are keen to contribute your time and effort for on and off events like these,.consider Sing Youth Hub.

Click on the link to read more on how it benefits the youths too. 



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