Tiny bedroom ideas

The most recent room I seen was that tiny. The best way to tackle such rooms is to make use of custom carpentry.   Designs like the one in the pictures are creative ways to maximise space. Pictures taken from pinterest.  I like the idea of a covered closet using the curtains. Once a while, … Continue reading Tiny bedroom ideas


Open walk in wardrobe 

The wardrobe topic that gets almost every girl screaming.  If you are lucky and have space in your new nest like mine, you will start exploring the available pole system providers around and compare costs between built in wardrobe.  I chose the pole system with no doors in the end. Didn't regret it. But of … Continue reading Open walk in wardrobe¬†

How Do You Best Use Space Under Your Bed

I prefer having space under beds. I'm not a fan of storage beds. Because I cannot see how much dust is accumulated deep down there. So for me, space yes. But not utilized. I don't put stuff underneath it. For those who have to, here is my personal advice. Point 1. If you must have … Continue reading How Do You Best Use Space Under Your Bed

What can you do for your bedroom to minimize the mess?

It's tough always when you wish how your bedroom could be tidier looking and then you give up on trying and plop onto the bed, forgetting about what you initially set out to do. 1. Try Not putting too many things on your Dresser. It's hard to clean and always not easy on the eyes. … Continue reading What can you do for your bedroom to minimize the mess?

End of month assignment (May 2014)

A 4 hour assignment today. A dresser and an average size wardrobe. Am satisfied with the results. And I am glad the client is happy with what she has helped to achieve. Never worn before clothes surfaced, stuff were thrown such as name cards, old jewellery, expired face product samples ( it always happens) etc.