Exploring a mini kitchen 

I recently seen the floor plan of a new condominium. I had a shock seeing the size of the kitchen.  In my opinion, it's tiny and lack the appropriate space for preparation of food. That is why having some adjustments done in the kitchen renovation designs help.  Rotational kitchen counter top like this is a … Continue reading Exploring a mini kitchen 


Mobile Kitchen Carts 

My dear sis recently became a mother and the usual nesting instinct set in. She was considering the mobile kitchen cart from Ikea to put her baby's daily items and I shoke my head in disapproval.  I'm quite an Ikea fan however I didn't find the cart was going to have multi use should she … Continue reading Mobile Kitchen Carts 

Fridge Accessories

Daiso has a variety of magnetic fridge accessories. This is the latest addition to my collection. It comes in a pack of 3 pieces.  I use it to hang the kitchen window keys and apron. And the last one I used it to stick some pictures. It declutters and beautifies at the same time. Perfect.  … Continue reading Fridge Accessories

Peek into my planned home design

Here is a peek into what were the initial designs of some of the areas in my nest. I wanted a pale blue/green colour on the walls of my living room. The theme was to incorporate black frames around the home. So a combined set of black, wood and white colours. For the kitchen, the picture … Continue reading Peek into my planned home design

Storage Containers I Adore ( Singapore)

There are a few basic storage containers which I simply adore. From the living to the kitchen and to the bedroom, here are some storage containers I cant do without in the kitchen. Or rather.... it's best to live with. Kitchen Picture 1 Condiment containers ( in sets of 3 always) I have more. I'm … Continue reading Storage Containers I Adore ( Singapore)

Mobile Kitchen Island

Check out what I found on Crate and Barrel. I always wanted one of these. Notice the 2 key areas I have arrow out. A food preparation board extension and wheels to move the island! In Singapore where most of us dwellers stay in a 92 sq meters housing, space is indeed a constraint. If … Continue reading Mobile Kitchen Island