A short morning decluttering 

My dear ex colleague approached me and requested for a clean up of her home. The target was to clean up her bedroom and the living room area.  Prior to the appointment, pictures were shared and I gave my advice on how many sessions etc.  She was really excited given that she had wanted to … Continue reading A short morning decluttering¬†


Built In Storage ( Carpentry)

During a planning for renovation you might have the tussle between to customise or buy off the shelf. This area of mine had a very awkward pillar and it didn't serve much purpose. So selecting the built in cupboard was a better choice.  More often than not, the built in helps increase storage capacity, more … Continue reading Built In Storage ( Carpentry)

Peek into my planned home design

Here is a peek into what were the initial designs of some of the areas in my nest. I wanted a pale blue/green colour on the walls of my living room. The theme was to incorporate¬†black frames around the home. So a combined set of black, wood and white colours. For the kitchen, the picture … Continue reading Peek into my planned home design