Sing Youth Hub- NGO 

Over the years I had the chance to work on sponsorships with several organizations such as the Food bank, Southeast Community Council, Children's Society, Methodist Student Care and Sing Youth Hub.  Recently I volunteered on a personal basis for a fund raising event for Sing Youth Hub. They have a list of beneficiaries that are … Continue reading Sing Youth Hub- NGO 


Cholesterol. A new “word” 

I was out at waterway point earlier today and saw Marigold HL's booth. I went over to check it out and the promoters shared that there was a free check for cholesterol level.  I have never thought about how important it is to know and maintain a good health condition of my body until my … Continue reading Cholesterol. A new “word” 

Happy. Healthy. 2 words that are truly important

Happy. Healthy. These 2 words are truly the important things in life.  My 33rd birthday is approaching and as usual I start to reflect on my gains and losses over the past year.   The most recent change I made was to call it a day for a 9-5 job. There were a lot of … Continue reading Happy. Healthy. 2 words that are truly important

Small Party Food With Young Kids

I had a mini house warming party last weekend and was thinking over what food I should prepare for the guests with young kids.  It had to be easy to manage and suitable for all ages. And also easy to clean 😉 After scanning through the catering sites and forums I found Super Dario Lasagne, a … Continue reading Small Party Food With Young Kids

Giving The Best Of You 

Customer service is really about putting yourself in each customer's shoes and perspective. With that understanding, a lot of actions you do reflect the quality of service.  Referrals go a long way.  This is Nellie with me taking a selfie after receiving chocolates from a satisfied new customer. It feels great to be appreciated and … Continue reading Giving The Best Of You 

Learning to let go of the past 

Learning to let go of painful memories are also a way of decluttering.  There were a couple of memories that were extremely painful for me which I am learning to let go.  The pregnancy journey for me was an unhappy one. While others had lots to look back and smile at, I only had tears … Continue reading Learning to let go of the past 

Health and Home

Hitting the 30s has its perks and downside. It was eminent that my body has started to show signs of slowing down. With the hectic work schedule and raising a kid, I knew I had to start correcting how my body is functioning. I started to get back into yoga practice and for diet wise, … Continue reading Health and Home