Miniso in Toa Payoh- $3 and up 

I was like a child in a candy store when I walked past it earlier today. It was not here just last month when I came by.  I exclaimed to myself "how to not go in?!" They have their niche products. Like I definitely cannot find this lovely neck pillow in Diaso. Nor can I … Continue reading Miniso in Toa Payoh- $3 and up 


Sofa Cushion Cover

Ta da. Finally purchased one from q0010 Singapore. It took 3 months 3 days 3 hrs 3 seconds to decide.  Haha. So exaggerating. Basically I didn't want to settle for anything anyhow as usual. I decided to go ahead with this.  The cost is about $20+ and boy, the quality is good. It seemed to … Continue reading Sofa Cushion Cover

Fridge Accessories

Daiso has a variety of magnetic fridge accessories. This is the latest addition to my collection. It comes in a pack of 3 pieces.  I use it to hang the kitchen window keys and apron. And the last one I used it to stick some pictures. It declutters and beautifies at the same time. Perfect.  … Continue reading Fridge Accessories