How To Start Organizing Your Computer Files 

Are you someone that creates folders on your desktop so that the computer screen is neat and tidy?  Or are you someone whose computer screen has a zillion files and yet you can still locate what you want without taking a decade to find it?  Different methods may work for different folks. However I am … Continue reading How To Start Organizing Your Computer Files 


Sofa Cushion Cover

Ta da. Finally purchased one from q0010 Singapore. It took 3 months 3 days 3 hrs 3 seconds to decide.  Haha. So exaggerating. Basically I didn't want to settle for anything anyhow as usual. I decided to go ahead with this.  The cost is about $20+ and boy, the quality is good. It seemed to … Continue reading Sofa Cushion Cover

Small Party Food With Young Kids

I had a mini house warming party last weekend and was thinking over what food I should prepare for the guests with young kids.  It had to be easy to manage and suitable for all ages. And also easy to clean 😉 After scanning through the catering sites and forums I found Super Dario Lasagne, a … Continue reading Small Party Food With Young Kids

$2 Storage Items At Ang Mo Kio Central

So you know if you are or used to be an amk kia, the building beside Macdonalds used to offer bowling and billard? And then it was converted to KTV and popular bookstore. And then to Shop & Save.  Currently, the latest company occupying the 2nd floor is a Japanese retail shop known as Tokutokuya. Which my … Continue reading $2 Storage Items At Ang Mo Kio Central

Protecting Your Items In Self-Storage

If you had taken the plunge to start decluttering and storing some of the items away in self storage, the anxiety of not knowing if your items are in good hands is understandable.  As storers, you are responsible for the condition of your own items. Owners usually do not guarantee the condition of your items … Continue reading Protecting Your Items In Self-Storage

Giving The Best Of You 

Customer service is really about putting yourself in each customer's shoes and perspective. With that understanding, a lot of actions you do reflect the quality of service.  Referrals go a long way.  This is Nellie with me taking a selfie after receiving chocolates from a satisfied new customer. It feels great to be appreciated and … Continue reading Giving The Best Of You 

Saving Paper- Going E-Way

My post got deleted accidentally. Rewriting this. How many emails do you receive a day and how many do you attempt to sort into your sub folders? I say on average 30 emails?  With the introduction of e-bills by banks, teleco companies, government agencies and many more, we can actually reduce such emails and sorting … Continue reading Saving Paper- Going E-Way

The Visitors-Cockroaches,ants & lizards 

So the moment I heard about a large size cockroach resting on the kitchen top which was discovered by my petite tenant, I went straight to the provision shop opposite to grab my hands on these.  We dont usually cook. We are clean freaks. We clean all the time and yet they still come uninvited.  … Continue reading The Visitors-Cockroaches,ants & lizards 

Built In Storage ( Carpentry)

During a planning for renovation you might have the tussle between to customise or buy off the shelf. This area of mine had a very awkward pillar and it didn't serve much purpose. So selecting the built in cupboard was a better choice.  More often than not, the built in helps increase storage capacity, more … Continue reading Built In Storage ( Carpentry)

Mobile Kitchen Carts 

My dear sis recently became a mother and the usual nesting instinct set in. She was considering the mobile kitchen cart from Ikea to put her baby's daily items and I shoke my head in disapproval.  I'm quite an Ikea fan however I didn't find the cart was going to have multi use should she … Continue reading Mobile Kitchen Carts