Our Services

All categories are charged separately. Email us to request for a customized package.


General Terms & Conditions

Our services do not include provision of storage boxes. Storage boxes can be purchased from us.
We do not dispose unwanted items.
All organizing classes are performed in our studio. For external classes, please email us.
We reserve the right to amend the price of its services at any point prior to price confirmation with clients.
The Declutter Professionals indemnify from all claims, losses and/or damages arising from the use of The Declutter Professionals service/s.



Our Services
Organizing Class 1 to 1 (1hr) $60.00- $80.00 SGD
Organizing Counselling Session 1 to 1 (1hr) $60.00- $80.00 SGD
Organizing Proposal E-Copy $150.00 SGD
Virtual Counselling Session (1hr) $50.00 SGD
Virtual Consultation  (1hr) $50.00 SGD 
Room makeover (4-5 days) $2900 SGD

  • Includes basic furniture
  • Basic decluttering
  • Basic shelving on walls

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