Cleaning Up On A Breezy Day

This is me with Kerene, a lovely kind hearted girl.  We volunteered for a clean up campaign at work which targets the estate's rubbish along paveways.  Positive thinking will be like: " What a great campaign! We can do our part for the environment, exercise at same time, bond with friends and make new friends … Continue reading Cleaning Up On A Breezy Day


Toggle – What Your School Doesn’t Teach You – Episode 9

My recent appearance on Channel 8. Finally had the chance to post this up. Did you enjoy it? Toggle - What Your School Doesn't Teach You - Episode 9.

What can you do for your bedroom to minimize the mess?

It's tough always when you wish how your bedroom could be tidier looking and then you give up on trying and plop onto the bed, forgetting about what you initially set out to do. 1. Try Not putting too many things on your Dresser. It's hard to clean and always not easy on the eyes. … Continue reading What can you do for your bedroom to minimize the mess?

How do you maximize space in kitchen cabinets?

What are the methods you could use to maximize space in your kitchen cabinets? Here are some tips for you.1. Discard all instant beverages packaging and have the contents placed in similar clear holding containers. You could even store few varieties in same container if it fits.2. All rarely used equipments should be placed back … Continue reading How do you maximize space in kitchen cabinets?

End of month assignment (May 2014)

A 4 hour assignment today. A dresser and an average size wardrobe. Am satisfied with the results. And I am glad the client is happy with what she has helped to achieve. Never worn before clothes surfaced, stuff were thrown such as name cards, old jewellery, expired face product samples ( it always happens) etc.

Bathroom quick fix

My friend was down with flu earlier this week. During my visit, I initiated to clean up the house for her. She asked for help in the living room. Seeing the condition of the bathroom, I dived in as usual. Set a goal of 15mins. This was based on the size of the bathroom which is around 1650mm*1800mm. Here is … Continue reading Bathroom quick fix

What’s your lifestyle?

My recent lifestyle as a working mum evolve around organic food, early bedtime, and watching child suitable programmes on television. While there are times I cringed at the little time I have to myself, I thank my son for the better change in lifestyle. Every can of food that goes through my hand now has … Continue reading What’s your lifestyle?

A post on what we do

 A few common questions that I face are such as " What exactly do you do?", "Are you a cleaning company?", "Why can't I clean my house by myself why should I need you?" Bear with me as it is going to be a lengthy post.We focus on organizing and decluttering homes, offices, and retail shops. In … Continue reading A post on what we do

Your room might be messier than you thought

 You have a messy table You find that you can't find most of your stuff all the timeYou start to stop cleaning your roomYou noticed an increase in bugs, cockroaches, antsYou no longer have space to put new purchasesIf you realized the above is happening to you, it's time to do something about it. Clutter not … Continue reading Your room might be messier than you thought

Don’t neglect clutter at your front doorway

After a hard day of work, what should be greeting you by your front door should be your wife, kids and your dog. Definitely not a mountain of shoes, unattended pots and maybe even old tiles and dead plants. If you are nodding your head to the latter scenario, here's what you can do. 1. … Continue reading Don’t neglect clutter at your front doorway