Miniso in Toa Payoh- $3 and up 

I was like a child in a candy store when I walked past it earlier today. It was not here just last month when I came by.  I exclaimed to myself "how to not go in?!" They have their niche products. Like I definitely cannot find this lovely neck pillow in Diaso. Nor can I … Continue reading Miniso in Toa Payoh- $3 and up 


Sofa Cushion Cover

Ta da. Finally purchased one from q0010 Singapore. It took 3 months 3 days 3 hrs 3 seconds to decide.  Haha. So exaggerating. Basically I didn't want to settle for anything anyhow as usual. I decided to go ahead with this.  The cost is about $20+ and boy, the quality is good. It seemed to … Continue reading Sofa Cushion Cover

$2 Storage Items At Ang Mo Kio Central

So you know if you are or used to be an amk kia, the building beside Macdonalds used to offer bowling and billard? And then it was converted to KTV and popular bookstore. And then to Shop & Save.  Currently, the latest company occupying the 2nd floor is a Japanese retail shop known as Tokutokuya. Which my … Continue reading $2 Storage Items At Ang Mo Kio Central

Mobile Kitchen Island

Check out what I found on Crate and Barrel. I always wanted one of these. Notice the 2 key areas I have arrow out. A food preparation board extension and wheels to move the island! In Singapore where most of us dwellers stay in a 92 sq meters housing, space is indeed a constraint. If … Continue reading Mobile Kitchen Island