Exploring a mini kitchen 

I recently seen the floor plan of a new condominium. I had a shock seeing the size of the kitchen.  In my opinion, it's tiny and lack the appropriate space for preparation of food. That is why having some adjustments done in the kitchen renovation designs help.  Rotational kitchen counter top like this is a … Continue reading Exploring a mini kitchen 


Built In Storage ( Carpentry)

During a planning for renovation you might have the tussle between to customise or buy off the shelf. This area of mine had a very awkward pillar and it didn't serve much purpose. So selecting the built in cupboard was a better choice.  More often than not, the built in helps increase storage capacity, more … Continue reading Built In Storage ( Carpentry)

A post on what we do

 A few common questions that I face are such as " What exactly do you do?", "Are you a cleaning company?", "Why can't I clean my house by myself why should I need you?" Bear with me as it is going to be a lengthy post.We focus on organizing and decluttering homes, offices, and retail shops. In … Continue reading A post on what we do