End of month assignment (May 2014)

A 4 hour assignment today. A dresser and an average size wardrobe. Am satisfied with the results. And I am glad the client is happy with what she has helped to achieve. Never worn before clothes surfaced, stuff were thrown such as name cards, old jewellery, expired face product samples ( it always happens) etc.

Are you a pet owner?

Pet Lovers Centre with its many branches, is well known amongst pet owners. I had the opportunity to contribute to an article for their magazine known as Petlovers Magazine. Published in the May edition 2014, this issue is special because….. it also features Cesar Millan! Our featured article shares how pet owners can make use…

Your room might be messier than you thought

¬† You have a messy table¬† You find that you can’t find most of your stuff all the time You start to stop cleaning your room You noticed an increase in bugs, cockroaches, ants You no longer have space to put new purchases If you realized the above is happening to you, it’s time to…

Don’t neglect clutter at your front doorway

After a hard day of work, what should be greeting you by your front door should be your wife, kids and your dog. Definitely not a mountain of shoes, unattended pots and maybe even old tiles and dead plants. If you are nodding your head to the latter scenario, here’s what you can do. 1….